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Here at G.E.M. we believe that every girl deserves access to quality education and exposure to new experiences, regardless of their background or circumstances.


Here at Girls Envisioning More our motto is EMPOWER. EDUCATE. ELEVATE.

The programs and services we provide are designed to empower young women and provide them with the tools they need to succeed, including educational programs, mentorship opportunities, and community outreach initiatives.


Economic expansion, political stability, and social change all depend on empowering girls. When young women receive adequate education, many opportunities present including, but not limited to, increased income, and better health for her and her surrounding community.


In many families and communities, girls lack status, protection, and future opportunities. 


G.E.M. pledges to empower women and girls through programs in education specializing in financial literacy, communication, hygiene, health and nutrition to expand their options and their capacity to realize their full potential.


Education for girls does not stop at traditional schooling. It's equally important for young women to feel safe in their surrounding environments and feel comfortable internally.


Our goal is to assist women and girls in developing their advocacy and intellectual abilities, so they can successfully utilize their voices to fight for their own rights.


From providing affluential role models to inspire young women to envision heights that can sometimes seem to be hidden over obstacles, to achieving success within careers they choose to pursue; G.E.M. strives to support the journey that is often underrepresented especially amongst young women. 


Leaders are made, not born! G.E.M. seeks to change mindsets, creating clarity in youth that leads to ultimate prosperity. 

In determining life's outcomes, mindset is a significant factor. By understanding, adapting and shifting mindset, individuals can improve an overall quality of life leading to resilience to life's hurdles.


Without building skills, knowledge and confidence in areas such as decision-making, public speaking and political engagement, young women who want to lead are at a disadvantage.

Instead of seeing abilities, skills, knowledge and values as fixed, G.E.M. encourages our youth to always persevere through the unfamiliar, to ensure a brighter future.

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